Sales Agent Service

If you want sell your articles or infantile clothes in Spain without making big investments, you need an General Sales Agent that work for your company in our country. Assist to the clients and watch over a sale net at national level.

Our work is mainly with small and medium trade and wholesalers, since the big companies have their own import structures.

When analyzing the problem from the purchase to foreigners countries for the little merchants have detected as fundamental the following :
  - The shipment costs for small purchases.
  - The distrust of the merchants for those inconveniences when returning merchandise if it is faulty and when making any reclamation type.

Our intention is to palliate both inconveniences, acting as of Sale's Agents for foreign companies that want sell in Spain offering them our infrastructure so that, without fixed costs, have all the necessary services for their distribution in our country.
    Inside our Group of Companies we have warehouses and the whole infrastructure of necessary billing. We can offer the makers an entire range of services so much in the sale part, as of merchandise shipment or even of administration of the payments.


- 1) Sale's Agents Services: Creation of Web pages in spanish lenguage and upgrade of models each season. Publicity of the company with our mail service, with shipment of photographic catalogs of the clothes to spanish shops by CDrom, e-mail or ordinary mail . We would have a little quantity of clothes for samples, to present to the interested shops. We can also take charge of the development and maintenance of a Team of Sales Agents for the whole Spanish territory.
(our commission are 2% of invoices. Initial fix cost 300 euros, more 300 euros for any sales agent)

- 2) Commercial Office Services : Besides the previous point, we would negotiate the import to our name and we would make the billing to the client, in Eurus, so that the merchant doesn't have to worry of any additional processing . We would receive the orders, (packed for the different clients), in our warehouses in a combined pack and we would forward them to destination. In that way, is not necessary to demand a high quantity of garments and your products can arrive to thousands of sale points in Spain. We could also negotiate the payment against delivery (it is the best form to begin to work), previous paid or even postponed with optional commercial insurance, making you a weekly transfer with all the received payments. We also assist to the clients' problems telephonically, the possible refunds for defects of production, reclamations, etc..
(our commission are 5% of invoices)

- 3) Stock Distribution Service : Besides the previous point, you would have a permanent Stock in Spain to be able to serve immediately at the clients.

The indicated rates are for children fashion shops. For big clients this rates are reduced.

In all the cases, the operations, although have our intermediation, are made in the name and risk of the foering makers and they don't include the added costs that they can take place for refunds of faulty merchandise, differ of moneys change or other accidental causes, not attributable to our administration. We act alone as your agents to facilitate you the business with the spanish clients.

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